End Result

Litter Size
Mutation Per Offspring




Evolving Sentence

Here I am attempting to duplicate the demonstration shown in the Growing Up in the Universe DVDs by Richard Dawkins (Climbing Mount Improbable).   The Hoyle 'monkey' will type at random and the Darwin 'monkey' will produce 'offspring' based on itself but with random 'mutations' (replacing characters at random), until good 'DNA' (good characters) become part of the sentence which would allow it to survive in 'nature' (spellchecker perhaps ;).   And the end result will be this sentence from Shakespeare 'more giddy in my desires than a monkey' representing some good DNA for a particular function.   The best offpring 'sentence' is used to create the next set.   The box to the right shows the 'offspring' of the Darwin sentence, prefixed with the count of 'good characters'.   Litter size is the amount of offpring produced in a generation.   Mutation per offspring is the number of characters that will attempt to change in a generation.